A Dó

A Dó is the Irish for number 2.

The tapered profile and neatly dimpled ends of this pen offer an aesthetic that is pleasing to the eye. A gentle taper of 2' is all that is needed to give this pen the look and feel of elegance. Tapered in both directions away from the break between cap and body this pen looks chunkier than it actually is. A simple rollstop breaks the line of the pen before your eyes are drawn to the aggressively tapered dimples.

As with all my pens the triple start threads provide secure cap mounting with only a single turn needed to remove the cap. A rollstop is installed to stop the pen from escaping from any slightly tilted surface.

You can have this pen in your choice of woods and metals, size 5 or 6 nib in EF , F, or B tipped. As all of my pens are custom made to order I can modify the shape to your liking. I also supply a handmade leather sheath to protect your pen.

Typical dimensions of this pen are approximately 145mm x 16mm and weighs 42 grams when loaded with ink. The sections of my pens are generally between 10 - 12mm and can be shaped to your preference.

All of my pens are designed to be used every day, very easy to refill and clean. The nib is replaceable so your pen should last a lifetime.

Delivery is within 12 weeks and prices start at 220 euro plus P&P.