The design - The philosophy - The person

Based in a village on the west coast of Ireland. Leonard is an engineer and craftsman that strives to create original pieces of high quality. His motto is

" Think like and engineer , create like an artist and produce like a craftsman "

He loves to work with his customers to design and produce pieces that are unique and beautiful.

Unlike other pen makers that produce pens made from bought parts and pushed together Leonard designs and produces all of his pens and rings from scratch.

" Working this way with the bare raw materials of wood and steel gives me great flexibility to design a piece that is perfectly suited to a persons hand."

If you would like your pen or ring a little lighter or heavier a little thinner or broader, longer or shorter. This is not a problem, custom making all the parts gives him great flexibility.

" This is a custom made product, you are not only buying a product, you are buying a custom service and craftsmanship. Years of trial and error, honing skill and improving designs"

Leonard's design philosophy is function over form. If something does not work beautifully then the entire design is compromised no matter how aesthetically pleasing it may be. The real artistry and craft is making something that is beautiful in it's form and it's function. All of my pens and rings are designed and hand turned by me in my workshop.

I do not use any lacquers or chemical finishes on my pens. I buff on a thin layer of wax to finish the pen. This preserves the feeling being in contact with natural material and showcases the inherent beauty of the wood.

" I Like to keep my designs as minimal as possible. Letting the beauty of the wood shine through and being sympathetic to the grain and structure. This is what I feel makes my designs stand out.

My pens are refillable and contain little or no plastic, with a little care your pen should last a life time "

I have chosen a to re-purpose packaging rather than have new packaging made. This is in keeping with my sustainable philosophy. Generate as little waste as possible. The boxes were originally packaging for high end valves that a local company uses and were just going to throw out.