Scriobh Pens

A Haon is a clean no nonsense design. With sharp squared ends this straight pen is understated in it aesthetic.

A Dó is a tapered pen with with steep tapering ends. The lines of this pen are sleek and pleasing to eye. The size of this pen is 150mm x 16mm. This can be beefed up a little to accomodate a larger hand if desired.

A Trí is a brother of a Haon. It is straight with sharp squared ends. This has the addition of an integral center band that bisects the clean lines of the pen.

A Ceathair

A Ceathair is a slim pen with gently rounded ends. The average length of this pen is 145mm x 16mm. Average weight 28gms.

A Cuig is a sleek pen that has no section, the cap sits directly behind the nib. . The average length of this pen is 145mm x 16mm. Average weight 28gms.


African blackwood

A hardwood with rich dark grain


Straight grained and bright red


A golden wood with striped grain


Distinctive striped grain

Irish spalted beech

A local dense hardwood with unique spalting pattern

Purple heart

A straight grained wood with rich deep purple hues.


Straight grained with a natural lustre, ranges from dark to light

A strong durable wood with deep rich caramel colors

Olive wood

A golden wood with a distinctive grain



2011i - A high grade of machinable aluminium

I choose aluminium when I want to keep the pen as light as possible. It is light yet incredibly strong.

303 stainless steel

A high grade of machinable stainless steel

I choose stainless when to add a bit more weight. It produces a high quality finish that is durable.


Brass is highly prized for it's machinablity

I choose brass to add weight and as an accent material to add to the look of the pen.


The nibs I have chosen to use are bock nib systems. Bock nibs offer the quality and diverse range that I need to produce a quality product. They offer the nib and feed system as a unit. They are paired and tested before they leave the factory for optimum performance. There is a choice of size 5 or size 6 nibs.

Steel - Standard

Two tone

23k Gold plate


Schmidt Converter

High quality, German made fountain pen coverter. Allows for easy refilling and deliver great ink flow. Each fountain pen is supplied with one of these.


I like Beaufort inks range. I find the ink flows well and and the colors they provide offer a range for the formal to the more playful. 2 x 10 ml vials of this ink are provided with every fountain pen in a choice of colors - black, blue black, blue, dark green, green and red.


All of my packaging material is re-used. The box I sourced from an industrial manufacturing company in my area. These originally were for high end valves and are the perfect fit for my pens. The packing, to keep everything secure, is recycled paper shredded into strips. This keeps everything secure and protected during transport. I took the decision to reuse packaging mainly as I wanted to add as little waste to the environment as possible. It also has the added bonus of being absolutely free which allows me to produce a high quality, handcrafted, sustainable product at a reasonable price.